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Corporate Workshops

2 to 3 hours session (1 day workshop)


A workplace is defined by its employees. A good mix of healthy, hardworking, loyal creative & resourceful staff is what takes an organization to higher levels of success. But at a workplace, the mundane matters of day-to-day activities bring an expected stagnancy in our minds. This causes lack of innovation & inspiration, lower levels of creativity & finally a drop in the employee morale. This is the general story of every individual. We need to keep our body healthy with good food & exercise; this goes true with our minds too. Food for newer thoughts & stretching our thinking power is a must to have an ingenious mind / brain.


Our workshops work on the same ground. We aim at not changing one's view, but making him/her view things in more than one way. The gift of a thinking & imaginative is bestowed on every individual. Its not just recognized or used to its maximum capacity.

The workshop will help release mental blocks & unleash creativity.


Why an art workshop?
This workshop will use art related exercises which may include painting, simple sketching of lines, dots, pictures, color therapy, calligraphy etc.

  • The attempt at art in general helps a mind create impressions, images and expectations.
  • Art builds psychological connections & also influences how we think.
  • Art has the power to set a mind free & get more creative.
  • Calligraphy is an art of the common man. You need not be an artist to experience & practice this beautiful skill. It in literal sense means 'Beautiful Writing'. It is a way of expression… communication.
  • Calligraphy is an art that personifies simple strings of letters & symbols.
  • Art is a great way of unleashing blocked creativity & promotes out-of-the-box thinking.
  • At the end of the workshop one feels more relaxed yet alert, more observant, & refreshed in mind.
  • More importantly the interaction among employees will become more free & healthy.
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