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"My creativity splashes across the paper as I explore colours"

Sheetal Pawar  |  Chemical Analyst

Loves to play with:
All kinds of Nibs, All kinds of paints, Roller brushes, Sponge and acrylic colours. Prefers working in the formal style of calligraphy.

Calligraphy complements my nature. It was instrumental in solving my jumbled thoughts and making them crystal clear. It has given me a higher level of confidence. My creativity splashes across the paper and I explore colours like I explore music and dance. It opened my eyes to a new world. I have improved my observational and reading skills. Every day is a new discovery with Calligraphy.


"Alphabets are individuals, they have a voice of their own"

Vibha Gawde  |  Architect

Loves to play with:
Metal nibs

I am fascinated with their structure and I compose my calligraphy to reflect their beauty. Playing with the negative space with straight strokes, I give definition to their existence. A fusion of colour brings them alive. Being an architect, my clients' budget constraints often restrict my creative abilities. Calligraphy healed my frustrations and from being rigid and stagnant, it enhanced my creativity to greater heights.


"The bigger the canvas, there's more scope for my imagination to flow!"

Mitali Patil  |  IT Expert

Loves to play with:
ponge brush, Photo ink colours, Roller sponge

I experiment with forms generated from the tools, experimenting with concentric circles till the colour exhausts from my brush. The peacock has been the inspiration for my creation, the colours blue, violet and maroon mix beautifully and energetically, and I balance out the negative space with another calligraphic wonder. During our workshop, I even experimented with music and it was the tabla and the guitar that inspired my fingerprint creation. Using a straight roller and a slant roller, my creation resembled a fern leaf and someone pointed out that it resembles an old elephant's trunk, Calligraphy is all about artistic interpretations! I love exploring colours and textures, the bigger the canvas there's more scope for my imagination to flow. My imagination reflects my carefree nature and calligraphy has been instrumental in bring it out!


"Even chaos can be disciplined."

Rupali Patankar  |  Architect

Loves to play with:
1 paper, 1 flat brush, ink kept aside for 4 days gives my creations that extra edge!

I believe in giving maximum output with less effort. As I explore tools and use my imagination in creating freestyle imagery. I believe that black is a beautiful colour and it has various shades. I tend to break the tradition and prove it to the world that black is a symbol of energy. Its tone variations, Sometimes my haphazard creations are appealing because even chaos can be disciplined. By placing horizontal and vertical lines together, random textures are formed, while whirls give effects of sunrays, different tones create waves.

Calligraphy is effortless once you know your basics. It is my source of happiness. Beautiful work represents time, effort and achievement. It gives you a sense of confidence and every creation improves with practice.


We have even stopped watching Tv!

Shirish Shirsat  |  Veterinary Doctor

Loves to play with:
Only black and white colour, all calligraphy tools.

I believe Calligraphy is a great stressbuster. Where the world prefers to go to clubs and spas, I and my family prefer to do calligraphy. I have explored my interest in reading, because of calligraphy I have begun to read a lot. I love to extract famous poetry and meaningful literature and reflect it in my work. I love to translate such beautiful works and make them appealing to the eye, so the world loves to see what they read. Me and my family spend quality time together because of calligraphy, we have even stopped watching Tv! There's more laughter in the house and its a great recreation mixed with creativity. When someone compliments my work, It's a great feeling of satisfaction that nothing on earth can compare. Calligraphy empowers me to take the insight of an idea and pass it on for those who witness my work. I believe great thoughts should be passed on, don't you?


"Letter 'C' stands for three things; Consistency, Continuity and Concentration"

Roopali Shewale  |  Pathologist

Loves to play with:
Brushes, metal nibs and inks, prefers using only black and white colour.

As a student of calligraphy, I explore letters. Just like in school, we are given a clean slate, and it is on this slate we start writing our first letters, getting our fundamentals right. That is exactly how I began my tryst with calligraphy. It explored my creativity and I believe that Calligraphy begins with the letter C, which stands for three things, Consistency, Continuity and Concentration. It is these values that we inplement in life and which help us stand firmly in society. My work experiments with letters that portray rain, the letter 'a' is the first letter of life, and the first word we speak is " Aai". Letter 'A' fascinates me, and the colour black has two sides, black hides all the colours and when you mix all colours together you get white. It is this play of black and white, which reflects the secret of life.


"I believe calligraphy is freedom, It is the real me."

Mangesh Bhayde

Loves to play with:
colours, black and white prefer and a bamboo cut pen

Being a graphic designer, I add my elements of artistry to calligraphy. What is beautiful about this art, is that it's spontaneous. Unlike graphic designing, calligraphy creations are on the spot while graphic designing takes days even months to become perfect. I add my sparks of illustration to give my calligraphy its uniqueness. By leaving the letters hollow, I create art around my calligraphy, it becomes fun and appealing to look at. I use a 0.2 thin rotring pen, as it defines my creativity and my imagination. Calligraphy gives me immense happiness and I love to perfect my work by asking for continuous feedback and it's great when the feedback is constructive, I get better everyday! I believe calligraphy is freedom, It is the real me.

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