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What happens when you let the birds out of their cage? They fly, wildly and beautifully. This is the level where the student mixes his basics which he learnt formally as a student and releases his creativity as it flows through his veins and on to the paper. A magical experience creates calligraphic art which is now tangible, as the calligraphy is now ready for the society.

Calligraphy gains freedom at this stage & loses its rigid structure, as now you have a certain command over types, font, styles & your basic strokes & alignment. The stages until now were formal calligraphy.

The level is a witness to the marriage of the formal & informal art & magic of calligraphy unfolds before you like a cascade of strokes drenched

Imagination and inspiration. You put in your heart into such creations. We play with mediums such as mugs, t-shirts, metal, glass, cloth etc. From just plain paper, we progress to artifacts, items of use & gifts. Calligraphy becomes more appealing & here one can recognize its vast application.

Duration : 2 Months (Sat./Sun.)

Syllabus : Calligraphy in commercial application like Stationary, Invitation / Wedding C

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