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Urjakshara (2004) - The Eternal Energy of Calligraphy

‘Urjakshara’, coined of the words ‘Urja’ which means Energy and ‘Akshar’ which means Letters. The book is an excellent specimen of expressive calligraphy that highlights an important aspect of Indian languages – its phonetic origins. Various calligraphic compositions attempted are transcription of 'Urja' or the energy of the sound on paper in form of letters, manifestation of rhythm on a canvas with a few brushstrokes. To the artist behind the book, Achyut Palav, the creations were a liberating experience. They were a start to numerous other experiments in Fusion Calligraphy (Calligraphy inspired by performing arts). Urjakshara commenced as an uncertain quest that led to finding the power to create something unique. The book also conveys a key message that perceptions and the visual images created in your mind are the key to originality.

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