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Kana Matra Velanti (2017) - Traditional Kitta - 4th Edition

The ‘Kitta’ is a traditional and a very scientifically developed method for understanding a script and for improving one’s handwriting. Inspired by the desire to revive an important piece of our script heritage, Kana Matra Velanti is an essential aid to students and artists as they learn to write in exquisite Devnagari Script. This 'Kitta' demonstrates how practicing one letter will help create the base of writing others in the same family. For the same, various consonants and vowels have been classified according to their shapes and styles and forms, explained in an easy to understand manner. There are 12 such letter families / groups and the categorization has simplified the learning process. One gets to observe how the stroke for a letter travels from the start to the end helping him / her understand the design of each letterform. The practical workbook style design allows space for the user to practice the particular letter.

The book also furthers the art of calligraphy by displaying various beautiful compositions using consonants, vowels, numbers and punctuations. It includes some styles by Mr. Achyut Palav.

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