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Aksharanubhav (1998)

This National Award winning book is your guide and insight into the basics of Indian calligraphy with pertinent information about their history and evolution. Aksharanubhav was a product of a detailed study of manuscripts, scriptures and styles especially the ‘Modi Script’ as well as various philosophical texts by Achyut Palav during his initial days as a calligrapher. The remarkable Indian scripts, their astounding variety, phonetic origins and rich cultural history made a lasting impression on his mind. The works of the eloquent Sant Dnyaneshwar, the gentle Sant Tukaram and the inspiring Sant Ramdas influenced him the most. The book features various ancient scripts, an insight into the progression of methods of communication and the metamorphosis of the written word. It highlights the glorious past of Indian writing systems and the anatomy of a letter. ‘Aksharanubhav’ was thoughtfully designed to convey the artist’s ideas behind a composition and his understanding of the essence of calligraphy to the masses.

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