Umbrella Workshop 2015, Mumbai


Venue - C.B.D Belapur station

Date - 5th July 2015

Umbrella Workshop on 5th July 2015 at Belapur station
Rains… They enchant, They surprise, They delight. They have the power to charm & scare you. It can drizzle; it can pour… it can drench you with a shower or stir up a storm. Just one element of nature, yet so many forms.
So this monsoon, try to capture its numerous Avatars or take a trip down memory lane to remember all those poems, sonnets & things that remind you of rains. Achyut Palav School of Calligraphy conducts its Annual Umbrella Workshop where you can make art come alive & capture the magic of rains on Umbrellas.
This workshop promises to be an exciting event where you can do calligraphy of words, poems & nature’s ravishing beauty during the monsoons.
Take home rains… Take Home Art
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